Three Common AC repair and treatment

Your AC Repair Dubai unit is a complex machine that can have a long list of problems, but many of them can be traced back to incorrect installation or lack of regular maintenance. There are some problems, however, that are fixed more frequently than others.

Here are the top three AC problems our HVAC experts face in the Houston area:

Explosive Fuses

Fuse blown on AC unit is also common when the air filter is dirty or congested. Sometimes replacing a fuse can fix the problem, but a blown fuse can also indicate a major problem in the melting unit. Have an experienced professional look at what is really happening.

If you are experiencing problems with your AC and are living in the Houston area, contact Richmond’s spirit today to set up an appointment. One of our competent AC technicians can make your system work faster and faster.

Frozen Evaporator coil

If you do not feel any cold air coming from your AC, your evaporator coil may freeze. Usually, this problem is caused by dirty or clogged air filters. The evaporator coil can also freeze if too many winds are closed and there is not enough airflow. To fix this problem, turn on all the equipment and change your filters, and your coil will have to be removed.

Low or Leaking Refrigerator

If the refrigerator is low, there is a good chance your AC will leak. It is also possible that it could have been charged at the time of installation. In any case, the problem should be identified and resolved by a trained A / C specialist. Refrigerators can be dangerous to you and the environment, so they should be treated quickly and carefully.

Some Description of normal heating or furnace repair

Throughout the cold weather months, numerous property holders scramble to track down a trustworthy Houston warming and air organization to fix their heater or HVAC framework. And while the chances of a breakdown are virtually non-existent, there are some common problems that spread more often.

Here are five common heating or furnace problems that require an expert repairman.

Lack of preventive nutrition

Without regular maintenance, you will find that your furnace is likely to collapse without warning and you will end up paying higher energy costs. Calling the right HVAC company for annual maintenance can save you unnecessary frustration and keep you warm in winter.

Broken thermostat

The thermostat is an integral part of your HVAC system because it tells the system when to turn it off. If it doesn’t work properly, you may not get warm air or the fan may not blow at all. Another potential problem is when the thermostat malfunction of the system shuts down and opens when it is not working, leading to an uncomfortable condition in your home.

Pilot controller or electrical wiring problem

Both of these systems burn part of the inside of your furnace (pilot or air burner) which heats the air. If they are broken or malfunctioning, you may experience unusual temperatures or no heat at all.

A thin or dirty filter

We’ve said it before, and we probably will say it again: change your air filter regularly. If you do not, you will end up with air travel problems, which puts a lot of stress on your furnace and can cause problems with the comfort level of your home.

Improper air distribution

A dirty filter will affect the airflow, but also a car with the wrong fan or broken belt in your furnace. These are often some of the first parts to get into the furnace, so HVAC experts always check them when your furnace doesn’t work.

Richmond’s Air prides itself on providing quality service for all of your Houston repairs and furnace heating. If you live in Houston or the surrounding area, call us today.

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