How Medical Sales Teams Can Thrive in a Digital World


The digital age has reshaped the business world, including medical sales. In 2021 telehealth became one of the top technology investments.  If you’re on a medical sales team, you’ll need to know how factors like virtual healthcare will affect you even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individuals in online medical sales require a steady internet connection, including features like fast and reliable wireless access points.  You can then interact more easily with current and potential customers.

As a member of a medical sales team, you can also use digital marketing tools and techniques for marketing your medical products or services. Know more about it from this website. Consider that 93% of American adults use the internet, according to the Pew Research Center.

Continue reading to learn about the challenges and opportunities for medical sales teams in the 2020s and beyond.

Challenges of Digital Sales Teams in the Digital Age

Like other industry challenges, medical sales teams must effectively adjust to the ever-changing digital landscape. That’s the case whether a company sells medical equipment, prescription medications, or healthcare services.

Ultimately, companies must determine how to increase leads and sales within their particular medical industry sector.

Leveraging technologies like big data, cloud services, and social media are undoubtedly crucial for your medical salesforce.

Several keys to success in the digital world involve converting traditional marketing techniques to today’s digital world.

How Medical Sales Teams Can Succeed in the Digital World

Here are some of the keys to success for medical sales teams in the 21st century.

Interactivity Between Medical Companies and Patients

Factors include the mobile revolution and disruptive technology. Such interaction occurs through “multidirectional” channels rather than one channel.

This phenomenon may require pharmaceutical suppliers to ship medications anytime and anywhere to patients. If you’re in the medical sales industry, your team should know this potential game-changing scenario.

Industry experts sometimes refer to this potential future trend as “telemedicine.” Such programs are still in their development stage and very restrictive.

In recent years, patients have already had the opportunity to purchase medications in different situations.

Companies in the pharmaceutical sector must have the necessary cloud computing structures to support telemedicine.

They may also consider chatbots and other automated systems with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to determine whether patients require a particular medicine.

Big Data and Online Marketing

“Big data” refers to massive data sets, particularly related to volume, velocity (speed in a direction), and variability.

In the digital age, big data will likely skyrocket in significance. For example, medical marketing teams can focus on determining the ideal products based on customer behavior.

Examples include home medical equipment like blood pressure apparatuses.

In another example, information like demographics can help pharmaceutical companies use target marketing more effectively. For instance, companies can match patient records with rare diseases. They can then determine potential medication matches.

Such tools may help sales teams stay competitive in the medical industry’s evolution in the digital age.

Multichannel Customer Connections

Customers get information from multiple sources in the digital age. For example, medical salespeople may share information through channels like texts, email, and videos.

Your sales team can use multichannel connections effectively. The key is to create a channel mix ideal for particular situations.

For example, an online platform alone may be sufficient for medical customers with specific needs, including individuals. However, larger customers such as companies  may require more choices for channels,

Your sales team will need to adjust its technology and channel preferences as customer needs evolve.

The company can also use tools to provide customers with a consistent multichannel customer experience.

Digital Elements as Part of Product Offerings

Other industries like software and information technology inherently offer digital products.

However, medical companies can also bundle digital value elements with their products and services.

One example is the digital support of buying processes. Medical companies should arguably shift from the traditional goal of simply “winning customers” to showing them how to get value.

Such businesses can focus on digital features for non-digital products.

Salespeople can utilize digital tools to add value to a customer’s buying experience. For example, digital features may help customers compare products, find the best solutions, and evaluate products’ ongoing effectiveness.

Personalization for Medical Marketing

Some industry experts project that products like fitness trackers will become more personalized for medical purposes, including in the pharmaceutical industry.

Such information can help sales teams determine which products or services are best suited for customers.

Pharmaceutical companies can determine which prescription drugs may help relieve symptoms induced by particular conditions. For example, fitness trackers may collect information related to:

  • Heart rate
  • Calorie consumption
  • Sleep quality

Individuals should still consult their doctor about issues related to new medications, including potential side effects and drug interactions.

Analytics for Sales Processes and Decisions

Technology not only can help customers make better decisions. Analytics can also improve your medical sales team’s processes.

For example, a sales team can examine data to gain insights to improve its effectiveness.

Analytics can also provide members of medical sales teams with the sales techniques that the top performers use.

The above methods may help sales teams navigate the digital landscape more effectively. In turn, that can benefit their customers and company.


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