Reasons Why Flammable Cabinets are a Workplace Must Have


In many industries, working with flammable chemicals is a normal part of daily activities. To prevent any incidents from occurring with these flammable chemicals, it’s vital to be aware of the safety regulations in place for correctly storing and handling them. 

 This is where flammable storage cabinets come in, they are a go-to way suggested by the Australian Standards to keep your flammable liquids stored safely. Beyond being a legal requirement, there are some reasons why flammable cabinets have always been and remain the best way to safeguard your workplace from chemical hazards. 

 If you’re interested in purchasing flammable cabinets, Spill Station Australia is the leading supplier of compliant safety equipment in Australia. But if you’re still on the fence about why these cabinets are so important, here are the reasons: 

Flammable Cabinets Prevent Accidents

Using flammable safety cabinets to store chemicals in an organized, secure, and safe manner is the best way to prevent accidents in the workplace. From inadvertent spills to breakage and leaks, there’s no limit to the safety issues that can be brought about by inappropriately putting away chemicals, so be safe and keep them stored safely. 

Flammable Cabinets Keep Chemicals Organised

Safety strategies always remind users of the importance of organising dangerous chemicals, so they don’t become mixed up. Beyond this, cabinets help keep chemicals away from each other if they are incompatible and keep the chemicals properly in labelled places. They also make it harder to get the wrong chemical accidentally, which is a common issue for new staff. 

Flammable Cabinets Prevent Chemical Leaks

When stored chemicals leak it can cause significant issues for all parties involved. If these leaks are not detected and addressed, they can result in severe accidents or damage to facilities. Flammable safety cabinets have a built-in collection area at the bottom that collects any leakage so they can be disposed of quickly and safely. The owners of these safety cabinets should check these areas on a regular basis to remove any debris and verify the containers’ integrity.

Flammable Cabinets Prevent Unauthorised Access

It is essential that people who are not authorised do not have access to flammable substances. All of the flammable storage cabinets from companies like Spill Station have long-lasting, self-latching doors to make sure you never accidentally leave one-half open. Key locks and built-in locks can be included with handles. The door handles are designed to hold additional padlock systems if you require additional security.

Flammable Cabinets Prevent Explosions

One of the most important safety considerations for storing flammable chemicals in safety cabinets is that many chemicals can explode when they are exposed to high heat, such as in a fire. A flammable safety cabinet can help contain the explosion and minimise its damage in these circumstances. This will mean less damage to your staff, the environment and your property. 

 Remember that you will need flammable storage cabinets in Australia, if you contain, use or move flammable chemicals in your workplace, this is to keep you, your workers, the environment and your facilities safe, but also make life easier for everyone involved.  

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