Why has Anime become so popular?



Today, there is simply no missing out on anime. It is practically everywhere. But how did things come to this? Why has anime become so popular?

This is the question we seek to answer in this post.

Its diversity and visual appeal

Anime, as you are aware, is animation originating from Japan. The initial visuals and designs were relatively limited. Manga style comics and graphic novels inspired anime in a big way. 

Today, there is a proliferation of anime characters and visuals. Anime themes have also increased tremendously. From a time when its popularity was limited to Japan, today anime is practically ubiquitous globally. Multiple entities involved in its creation have played a huge role in the spread of its appeal.

Rich and intense storylines

Scriptwriters in the anime space work especially hard to come up with rich and intense storylines. Anime creations are often cliffhangers that leave viewers (or readers, in case of anime comics) on the edge about what lies ahead. There is also an invariably robust collection of characters that keeps fans egging for more.

Global looks

While from the get-go, manga and anime had characters with relatively neutral (not necessarily Japanese) looks, modern times have seen an even more robust collection of characters with global looks. To cite an example, today we often see characters with western looks, attire, and styling. This has immensely contributed to global outreach and popularity of anime.

Humanoid forms of anime

It is no surprise that the fervent popularity of anime has led to several humanoid forms of it coming to the fore. For example, there are accessories galore that have an anime theme. You will also frequently find mannequins in anime designs.

An extension of this trend is a surge in love dolls that are designed on anime characters. Since doll lovers relish anime, doll creators are more than happy to offer them dolls with a striking resemblance to popular anime characters.


A major reason why anime has become so popular is the novelty factor. There is practically no monotony or repetitiveness in the realm of anime. Instead, there is always something new round the corner. Fans absolutely love this facet of anime. This is, in fact, one of the major reasons for which fans simply cannot seem to have enough of it.

It is also one of the most compelling factors behind newer anime fans emerging at a rapid pace. The relatively rudimentary concept of word of mouth especially plays out well since existing fans continually draw and inspire new ones.


As you can see, there are several reasons for which anime has become so popular around the globe. Also consider the way Asian concepts are being lapped up globally. Think about Bollywood from India or K-Pop from South Korea. Today, these have a worldwide appeal that is increasing fervently at a rapid pace.

Anime, with its long and rich history Is sure to witness an even greater surge all over the world in times to come.

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